By Catherine Hart

Gabbie Emerson’s show When? Photo by Bea Pole-Bokor.

Stunning visuals. Emotive movement. Talented performers.

When?, by Gabbie Emerson, is one of the two shows in the Nelson Fringe Festival that has been completely created and made by youth. It is a perfectly choreographed dance/movement piece that delves into the concept of time, waiting and being in the present. It is compelling and engaging, and I leave the Refinery space feeling energised and refreshed.

Each performer onstage wears a costume of a white shirt and black trousers, however, upon closer inspection each outfit is slightly different from the others. This costume choice provides a sense of the individual within a greater ensemble. This is a notion also reflected in their movements, as each performer remains in time with the choreography, while retaining their own style of dance.

It is clear that every one of the performers involved is incredibly talented. Throughout the show they display how individuals become affected by time clearly and succinctly. We are privy to impatience, frustration, the idea of perfect timing, and time as a conceptualised idea.

The overall design of the piece is simple yet effective. The stage holds five school chairs, the lights are perfectly used to light the performers while conveying tone. The music (an original score designed for the piece) is emotive while remaining technological, by which I mean that it does not portray a specific emotion, but let’s the audience experience it on its own.

When? Is a beautiful show. It has no specific plot or intention, but is enjoyable and delightful to watch. I congratulate every individual involved in the production for creating such a solid piece of art.

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