Reviewed by Jess D’Ath

Home Alone – Abridged, by Elijah Scowcroft, was a simple concept, featuring a combination of cold reading and improvisation.

A collection of experienced improvisers joined 10-year-old Elijah onstage to recreate the classic family film, Home Alone. The premise was simple, Elijah was the only one who knew what was going on, everyone else has to wing it. But no matter what, they absolutely had to make it to the end of the movie before the end of the show.

Featuring just the right amount of warmth and laughter in each ensuing scene, and the inevitable descent into complete and utter chaos, it was obvious that everyone both on stage and in the audience, was having an absolute blast. Invoking a perhaps unintentional  amount of nostalgia, we were treated to scenes brought to life with cardboard, silly string, picture frames and children’s toys, as though the movie has been ripped from a child’s imagination, which it has been.

Everything we love about the movie was not lost in this interpretation. It was equal parts heartwarming, ridiculous and hilarious, reminding everyone about what really matters in life, family. In Elijah’s own words, “it was funner and yummier than I expected” and I am inclined to agree.


Home Alone – Abridged is part of the 2018 Nelson Fringe Festival. To check out other shows and workshops, head to



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