Reviewed by Sue Beesley

Delightful –  sustained deadpan delivery, fabulous faces, edgy yet tenuously in control.
Funny – physically and verbally well paced – the shark faces were memorable, the ball pit scene wonderfully daft.
Fresh – Georgie Pie with sharks as a theme? Left field.
Absurd – Georgie Pie as a theme? Surreal – the tomato sauce opening was unexpected and will be a gem when mastered.
Warm – glitches were handled with humour, ease and confidence – the audience felt in good hands.
Involving – the ball pit idea was a gem, and the tenuous link to the audience becoming a shoal of fish by throwing balls was inspired.
Using the only Maori guy in the room – a set up – to comment on the use of Native American Indian images for Georgie Pie advertising was irony at its subtle best.
I can’t remember now what the connections in the story threads were, but it doesn’t matter – it was a wild ride and the whole audience was on board for every minute of it.


Double Georgie Pie: A Ballet is part of the 2018 Nelson Fringe Festival. To check out other shows and workshops, click here.

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