Reviewed by Jess D’Ath

Home Invasion, by local playwright Justin Eade, is a study in a human relationships and kiwi social issues, all played out with the not so subtle metaphor of home DIY.

A young man from the wrong side of the tracks, is caught breaking into the home of an army veteran who decides to take the kid under his wing and employ him to help with the renovations, rather than turning him into the police.

This story attempts to connect with audience through relatable themes of hardship and redemption, but unfortunately moves so slowly, that it was hard to stay engaged. Endless sequences of painting and sanding, and overly wordy conversations, made what could have been a heartwarming story of two men forming an unlikely friendship, drag to the point of boredom. Granted, the conversations were very real, but editing would be useful, in order to keep the pace on stage.

Some strong performances from the actors were a pleasure to watch, but even they appeared to struggle with the lack of significant emotional range provided for them to play with.

This script holds so much promise, and could (and should) certainly become a staple of kiwi one act play festivals in the future, provided the writer finds the courage to ‘kill some darlings’ and tighten the pace.


Home Invasion is part of the 2018 Nelson Fringe Festival. To check out other shows and workshops, click here.

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