By Jess D’Ath


A review by my four year old…as transcribed from a number of conversations. Abridged.

“We went to a bubble show and he had been to bubble land and they had bubble sheep and bubble horses and even square bubbles! And it was amazing! You have to watch my bubble show now! Look I can bounce a bubble! I want to go to bubble land. Did you see that bubble try to escape? He was magic. I will be magic! Let’s make bubble mixture now so I can do my show! Mum, watch me watch me make this giant bubble!”

Does anyone else think the word bubble looks a bit weird all of a sudden?

Five stars Mr Bubbles. Your show was inspirational, and has spawned at least one promising young protege (and also her father), to actively practise the art of bubble blowing in lounges, on rainy days.

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